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How the Different Systems Work & Why It's Important


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Understanding how the different systems of the human body work can help you avoid unwanted injury during your play scenes. This knowledge may also help you heal faster if mishap does occur. Being fit and healthy can also increase your BDSM experience in a number of ways.

Section of cardiovascular system
Cardiovascular System
Learn about your cardio and blood flow impacts how your body functions
Learn About Cardio
Section of arm muscle
Discover how muscles can be strained by some types of play
Learn About Muscles
Section of a nerve
Learn about your nerves and keep them safe from damage
Learn About Nerves
STIs, what you don't know can hurt you
Sexually Transmitted Infections
Protect yourself and your sexual partners by staying informed
Learn About STIs

A Healthy Body Can Enhance Your Play

Knowing about how the body works and keeping yours healthy can enhance your BDSM knowledge and improve your play time by reducing potential harm to you or your partner. The body is a complex machine and what will be healthy for you will depend on your medical history, body type, and current health status. Please make sure to consult a physician if you have any concerns about your health and your ability to participate in kinky activities.

Written April 26, 2015
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