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Keeping it Kinky was started in the fall of 2011 by Mistress Kashiko. Having been a member of the kink community for quite some time, she often would come across people new to the BDSM lifestyle who had little knowledge or ideas on where to find out more information. After fielding a few questions and her own interest in kink expanding and she began to look for reliable information on kink. This proved to be more difficult than expected.

Creation of Keeping it Kinky - From Concept to Reality

There are a few sites online that give guidance and instruction in BDSM and alternative lifestyles but many of them lack credibility. Kashiko decided that the community deserved better than that. She spent about 3 years thinking about this site and beginning to do research before it finally came into being. She teamed up with a few friends to get the site designed and the first articles and reviews written. The site has undergone a lot of changes since its launch as people have joined and left the project. The site has just experienced its 3rd redesign and organization.

Who Would Benefit From This Site?

As our society continues to evolve, more attention is coming to BDSM from the mainstream media, through publications like "50 Shades of Grey". We are also seeing more interest from academic and professional communities. By providing accurate and researched information, we hope to give those who are turning their attention towards our community a positive and realistic look. We also hope to serve those who are looking to expand their knowledge on kink and alternative sex.

Keeping it Kinky - Holding Up to High Standards

The goal for this site is to hold to a high academic standards. All articles are to have as many credible references as can be found but the goal is to have at least 5. A resource is considered credible if it is a peer reviewed journal, published media (like a book, documentary, etc), or someone with a minimum of 5 years experience in the specific topic. Our interviewed references must be willing to acknowledge their input on our site so that our readers may know where the information is coming from. We also supplement our material by using other websites. If we find at least 3 sites that give the same knowledge, it counts as 1 credible source.

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