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Reviews help us sort through all the options available to us to find out what is worth our time, attention, and money. They can help lend credibility to new ideas and products and provide feedback that spawns the growth about new ideas.

Book Reviews

We review any book that has to do with the alternative from fictional to educational. We are primarily interested in books about BDSM, kink, sexual orientation and preference, sexual identity, relationship styles, and general LGBTQ. Many of our books have been generously donated while others have been purchased. Please check out our full list of book reviews

Movie Reviews

Movies provide us with entertainment in a variety of styles from horror to comedy. Movies tend to reach wider audiences and can include more negative depictions of alternative lifestyles. We will review any movie that includes characters or references to those engaged in BDSM, LGBTQ, or relationships and sex. Please check out our full list of movie reviews
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