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Why Donate?

Keeping it Kinky is a volunteer organization. Since we launched, we have had a variety of people donate their own time and money to make this site run, stay current, and be awesome. Volunteers come and go on this project. Our staff changes quite frequently except for our founder, Kashiko Black. We look for donations because we want to be able to make this site bigger, better, and get it out to more people. We absolutely enjoy what we do and we are looking for a way to be able to do it more. After all this time of providing high quality, we are hoping that our loyal fans as well as newcomers will show their appreciation for our dedication and help us move forward to the next step.

How Can You Donate?

The first way you can donate is through the cold hard cash.... the electronic version! We have a Paypal account set up. For your privacy, we have set the billing name to Fallen People Entertainment. Keeping it Kinky is an official division of Fallen People and provides you with some peace of mind if you don't want Keeping it Kinky showing up as a name on your monthly bills.

You can volunteer some time with us. We set high standards for our articles and if you wish to volunteer, we will not publish an article that fails to meet those standards. If you would like more information on this, please contact us with your information.

We go through a lot of resources to write our articles. We also do the book and movie reviews. If you have reference material that you would like to donate to our library, those donations are most welcome!! contact us with the resource you would like to donate. We accept physical and digital copies of books.

Resources can also be mailed to:

Keeping it Kinky
544-7655 Edmonds Street
Burnaby, BC, Canada V3N 0C3

How Will My Donations Be Spent?


Items We Have Our Eye On!

There are several ideas we have in mind for future articles, sections, and so on. Lots and LOTS of big ideas. Below are some items that we have our eye on to help on future development. If you are interested in helping us out, have a look at our list. If you want to send us some money for something specific, we'd be happy about it! If you have any of these items that are new, unused, or gently used (depending on what that item is) we would be happy to discuss taking it off your hands.

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