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Who Runs Keeping it Kinky?

Keeping it Kinky is an organization that is run entirely by volunteers. We donate our time and own money to get resources to code and write articles for this site. A lot of hard work goes into maintaining and growing this site. If you appreciate the work we do, please consider contributing to helping us grow. I know you must be thinking that we must love doing this, or else why would we? Or perhaps you feel like this information belongs to everyone, which it does. This doesn't change the fact that it takes hard work to make this site happen. Who doesn't love being appreciated for things that they are passionate about?

Aside from donating financially, you can contribute to helping us grow by donating resources such as books, movies, and other resources that we could provide reviews for or use as references for articles. If you have over five years experience in a particular aspect of BDSM or kink, you can offer to be interviewed and lend your expertise for one of our articles. Please contact us through the form below.

Contact Us

Keeping it Kinky is dedicated to working to provide you with reliable and researched information about BDSM, relationships, sex, LGBTQ. Due to our high standards, this means that it can take time to research properly for each article. We've taken requests since we've begun for certain things to be researched before others and we try to accomodate those requests as much as possible. Feel free to contact us with any requests, feedback, or inquiries you may have.

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Support Us By Getting the Word Out

This site relies on you to help us spread the word about our website and the quality of information we have. As mentioned above, everything that is put into this site is done by volunteers. There is no one funding this site. We have no budget to pay to promote it. Support us by helping to spread the word about the information we provide. Help us to reach a wider audience. We think the information we offer is pretty important to those interested, and even to some of those who are not. Thank you for taking an interest in Keeping it Kinky.