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Resources are all around us, especially on the web. It can be easy to find lots of information but it is important to validate the sources so that you know you're getting the right information. Keeping it Kinky is all about providing you reliable sources and gathering resources for you in one place. The topics in this section apply to more than just the practice of BDSM and kink. We also want to try to connect you to other services and businesses that are open to the community.

Keeping it Kinky Resources

These resources have been assembled to help you on your journey. The knowledge in this section is meant to give you knowledge that will enhance your play time and hopefully improve your relationships. You will also find listings for professionals and businesses of interest. You will also find a full list of the refences on this site and a growing glossary. This section will continue to grow so keep checking back.

Find the Perfect Resources

It can be difficult to find good and reliable resources but Keeping it Kinky works hard to bring those together for you. These sections, like the rest of the site, are continuously growing and under development. If there is something you are specifically interested in that you haven't seen on the site yet, feel free to contact us with your interest. We will do our best to try to accomodate getting it up on the site. Be sure to join our mailing list so you can stay up to date on what new articles we have coming out. You can also speed up the process by donating to help us gather more resources or you can visit our online store.

Written May 4, 2015 | Updated December 13, 2016
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