Quills (2000)

Meet the Marquis de Sade. The pleasure is all his


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Quills (2000)

Review scored four out of five stars

Director: Philip Kaufman
Leading Actors: Geoffrey Rush, Kate Winslet, Joaquin Phoenix
Reviewed By:
Review Date: December 6, 2011
Category: Drama, Biography, BDSM
Fetishes/Kinks Found Within: Necrophilia, Role play

Back Cover Summary:

The infamous writer, The Marquis de Sade of 18th Century France, is imprisoned for unmentionable activities at Charanton Insane Asylum. He manages to befriend the young Abbe de Coulmier, who runs the asylum, along with a beautiful laundress named Madeline. Things go terribly wrong when the Abbe finds out that the Marquis' books are being secretly published. Emperor Napoleon contemplates sending Dr. Royer-Collard to oversee the asylum, a man famed for his torturous punishments. It could mean the end of Charanton and possibly the Marquis himself.

Reviewer Comments on Rating:

This movie is an entertaining fictional tale about the infamous Marquis de Sade. It portrays him as a romantic, starving and wronged artist who is in a frenzy to express himself. While this movie does not really portray BDSM in the most positive light, there is an undertone of enjoyment of it from most of the characters. By the end of the film, one way or another, all the characters are practicing a principle put forth by the Marquis. I regularly enjoy this film for its character development, acting, plot development and humor. The script was creative and intelligent with plenty of little jokes. I would not claim that this film is historically accurate but it is loosely based on real events in the Marquis' life.

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