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Why Know about Muscles?

When engaged in play, you are interacting with a lot of different muscle groups in a variety of ways. Depending on the positioning of the bottom (such as standing, sitting, suspended, etc) the muscles will be in different states of tension. The tension can be a pretty important difference between enjoyable and harmful play. As part of personal care for you and your partner, knowing more about how the muscles of the body work can enhance your play, reduce some dangers of muscle damage, and increase the effectiveness of your aftercare.

What You Need to Know About Muscles

The more you understand about how your body works, the safer you will be able to play with your partner. Knowing about and being comfortable with your body is also an important step to be present in the moment for your scene. All these things add up to a more enjoyable play experience. These topics cover some general and specific knowledge about the muscles in the human body.

Keeping Yourself Healthy Makes For Better Play

There is more to be healthy than being thin and what healthy means for everyone will vary depending on their medical history, current health status, and body type. Engaging in kinky activities can place extra stress on the body so keeping your body in a healthy state will help you reduce any unwanted injuries as well as increase your healing time. When you have healthy and strong muscles, you also may be able to try a wider variety of BDSM scenarios that might not be possible when you are in worse shape. Keep yourself healthy and increase your play experience and safety.

Written October 22, 2011 | Updated April 26, 2015
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