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How to Tell Anyone Anything: Breakthrough Techniques for Handling Difficult Conversations At Work

Review scored five out of five stars

Publisher: AMACOM
Published: 2009
ISBN: 0814410154
Reviewed By:
Review Date: September 14, 2012
Category: Informational, Intermediate, Advanced, Instructional, Relationship, Communication

Back Cover Summary:

Sometimes it's hard to keep our communication with coworkers positive. Whether it's with a boss, someone we manage, or a peer, bringing up and resolving awkward and challenging situations is never easy - and it's potentially explosive! But interactions that might otherwise become verbal tugs-of-war can easily be transformed from stressful moments of criticism to collaborative, problem-solving exchanges... just by using the right technique. How to Tell Anyone Anything gives you a unique method for delivering constructive, positive messages that will create real changes in behavior and performance. Drawing from the latest in psychology on how best to connect with others, this book shows you step by step how to get your message across successfully while keeping feelings and relationships intact. Complete with helpful examples, this book reveals the painless new approach to communication we can all use to make our most challenging conversations both productive and stress-free.

Reviewer Comments on Rating:

This book was expertly written. The language used throughout the book is diverse and expressive while staying accessible to the laymen. It gives you new strategies to approach difficult situations and warns you of common conversational pitfalls. One thing I particularly liked about this book is that it acknowledged that we are all human and prone to making mistakes and how difficult it can be to say the right thing in a difficult conversation. The author doesn't blame you for not being perfect but instead suggests ways to increase your success in effectively communicating. I found the suggested techniques to be insightful and realistically attainable with some practice.
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