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Relationships Books

Relationships can come in many forms whether they are romantic or platonic. Many societies have monogamy as the dominant type of romantic tie but there are many other cultures and sub cultures of people who are interested in exploring different ways to relate. Polyamory, BDSM M/s, Swingers, and just choosing to lead a single life have all gained growing acceptance around the world. These books explore the different types of attachments and what you should consider if you are interested in forming a specific connection.


Dear RJ partial book cover
Dear RJ
Kashiko | November 1, 2011
A comprehensive guide to 24/7 Master and slave relationships
Read Dear RJ Review
Ethical Slut partial book cover
Ethical Slut
Smashley | October 17, 2011
An exploration of poly relationships and how to make it work
Read Ethical Slut Review
Opening Up partial book cover
Opening Up
Smashley | November 27, 2011
Explores real-life benefits & challenges of open relationships
Read Opening Up Review
Power Circuits partial book cover
Power Circuits
Kashiko | April 4, 2012
A discussion of polyamory within BDSM relationships
Read Power Circuits Review
Real Service partial book cover
Real Service
Kashiko | December 13, 2011
The realities of service relationships
Read Real Service Review
Sacred Power partial book cover
Sacred Power, Holy Surrender
Kashiko | December 6, 2012
How does spirituality tie into M/s BDSM relationships
Read Sacred Power Review
Sex at Dawn partial book cover
Sex at Dawn
Kashiko | November 3, 2014
A look into sex psychology and evolution
Sex at Dawn Review
Violent Partners partial book cover
Violent Partners
Kashiko | June 23, 2012
A discussion on domestic abuse and abusive relationships
Violent Partners Review

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