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Cait and the Devil Book Cover

Cait & the Devil -

Review scored one out of five stars

Publisher: Scarlet Rose Press
Published: 2013
ISBN: B0045U9R0A
Reviewed By:
Review Date: November 3, 2014
Category: Fiction, Entertainment, Porn, BDSM, Sex, Monogamous
Fetishes/Kinks Found Within: Anal, Control, Discipline, Fear play, Oral sex, Power Exchange, Spanking, Rape

Back Cover Summary:

Cait has led a simple, secluded life in the Scottish woods, but her world suddenly turns upside down when she learns she’s the unwanted daughter of the king. She’s forced to marry a forbidding stranger, Duncan, the Devil of Inverness, who has already buried one wife. But Cait and the Devil find they are more perfectly matched than either suspected. His deep desire to dominate and discipline his new wife is matched only by her bravery and willingness to submit to his perverse demands and desires. But a phantom threat stalks Cait, and Duncan is troubled by her secret and mysterious past. Can Duncan protect his vulnerable wife? Will their powerful and unusual brand of love prevail? This novel-length romance is part fantasy, part historical, and features a heavy domestic discipline theme within the confines of an affectionate marriage.

Reviewer Comments on Rating:

Cait and the Devil was extremely disappointing. The writing style was rudimentary and stiff. I found the sex and BDSM scenes boring and completely lacking in description. The plot wandered all over the place without any sense of purpose, it might as well not have been in there. The relationship between the two main characters romanticized a non-consenting BDSM relationship and highlighted a lack of communication and used these two elements to create some distorted ideal of what a D/s relationship should look like. The implied consent came considerably after the fact. There was no real character development and the character of Cait is portrayed as being a doe-eyed, ignorant girl while Duncan is self-loathing. The only positive light this story sheds on BDSM is the happiness they find at the end of the book. Overall I found this book a struggle to get through and I would not recommend it.
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