Hot Sex Tips, Tricks, & Licks by Dr. Jessica O'Reilly

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Hot Sex: Tips, Tricks, & Licks Cover

Hot Sex Tips, Tricks, & Licks -

Review scored four out of five stars

Publisher: Quiver
Published: 2013
ISBN: 1592335357
Reviewed By:
Review Date: November 8, 2015
Category: Informational, Heterosexual, Beginner, Sex, Instructional

Back Cover Summary:

You love sex - and you're already great at it - but mind-blowing sex isn't just about intercourse. It is about titillating all of the body's hot spots and erogenous zones to peak arousal. That's right: All the techniques for being the best lover your partner has ever had are at your fingertips... and your hands, mouth, and tongue. Hot Sex Tips, Tricks, & Licks teaches you how to build and prolong excitement, control ejaculation, and gie your partner incredible orgasms!

Reviewer Comments on Rating:

This is a great book for beginners. The book has lots of easy to follow, instructional language and complete with pictures for complentary visual aid. This book goes through over 69 positions for you and your lover that set the imagination on fire. Each position gives you a description as well as suggestions on techniques and positioning as well as how you can take each position to the next stage with advanced techniques. The language is extremely accessible Dr. Jess makes great use of both the drawn depictions as well as the real life still photography. There are also little black boxes throughout the book that hold little extra tidbits and insights. These boxes cover information that is not always known by the general population or address common misconceptions people have about their bodies. This book is intended to a heterosexual, mainstream couple. All the couples depicted in the book are male-female couples. If you are newer to spicing up your sex life, this would be a great book to start with. If you are already fairly sexually adventurous, you may find this book a list of things you've already encountered. Either way it is a good read but I would definitely recommend this book more to beginners than those fully immersed in the kink lifestyle.
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