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Keeping it Kinky tries to provide as many book reviews as possible. Literature in this section ranges from fictional entertainment to factual information and covers topics such as BDSM, kink, sexual orientation, sexual identity, relationship styles, and LGBTQ. This section will continue to grow so keep checking back! The books are currently sorted alphabetically by title but scroll to the bottom of the page for some other options to sort the reviews. Enjoy!

Hot Sex Tips, Tricks, & Licks partial book cover
Hot Sex
Kashiko | November 8, 2015
Tips, tricks, and licks. This book provides sizzling touch & tongue techniques for amazing orgasms
Hot Sex Review
Getting to Yes partial book cover
How to Be Kinky
Kashiko | August 15, 2013
Beginner's guide to BDSM
How to Be Kinky Review
How to Tell Anyone Anything partial book cover
How to Tell Anyone Anything
Kashiko | September 14, 2012
How to navigate difficult conversations
How to Tell Anyone Review
Kushiel's Chosen partial book cover
Kushiel's Chosen
Kashiko | July 6, 2012
Book 2 of Kushiel's Legacy Series
Kushiel's Chosen Review
Kushiel's Dart partial book cover
Kushiel's Dart
Kashiko | May 25, 2012
Book 1 of Kushiel's Legacy Series
Kushiel's Dart Review
Little Book of Kink partial book cover
The Little Book of Kink
Kashiko | May 29, 2015
A starting look at kinky sex and how to spice up your relationship
Little Book of Kink Review
Opening Up partial book cover
Opening Up
Smashley | November 27, 2011
Explores real-life benefits & challenges of open relationships
Opening Up Review
Power Circuits partial book cover
Power Circuits
Kashiko | April 4, 2012
A discussion of polyamory within BDSM relationships
Power Circuits Review
Real Service partial book cover
Real Service
Kashiko | December 13, 2011
The realities of service relationships
Real Service Review
Sacred Power partial book cover
Sacred Power, Holy Surrender
Kashiko | December 6, 2012
How does spirituality tie into M/s BDSM relationships
Sacred Power Review
Safe, Sane, & Consensual partial book cover
Safe, Sane, & Consensual
Kashiko | February 8, 2012
A discussion of polyamory within BDSM relationships
SSC Review
Seduced by Moonlight partial book cover
Seduced by Moonlight
Kashiko | February 6, 2014
Book 3 of Merry Gentry Series
Seduced by Moonlight Review
Sex at Dawn partial book cover
Sex at Dawn
Kashiko | November 3, 2014
A look into sex psychology and evolution
Sex at Dawn Review
Sex Toys partial book cover
Sex Toys
Kashiko | August 16, 2013
Different sex toys and reviews from actual users
ex Toys Review
Twisted partial book cover
Kashiko | March 7, 2017
Continue the story of Jessica as she moves along her journey
Shattered Review
Tiger Tiger partial book cover
Tiger Tiger
Kashiko | April 4, 2016
Memoirs of a 15 year relationship with a pedophile
Tiger Tiger Review
Twisted partial book cover
Kashiko | March 7, 2017
The first book telling the story of three women who get involved in the sex trade
Twisted Review
Violent Partners partial book cover
Violent Partners
Kashiko | June 23, 2012
A discussion on domestic abuse and abusive relationships
Violent Partners Review
When Someone You Love is Kinky partial book cover
When Someone You Love is Kinky
Kashiko | February 8, 2012
Talks about kink for those who are not into the lifestyle
Someone You Love is Kinky Review